Story Behind 'Trip to East' Limited Edition 2014.

‘I have often wondered whether there is a connection between the presence of geometry and the nurturing of a contemplative state.’   Richard Henry

Trip to East: I was lucky to travel often, during my trips I always looked up for the souk places to visit and explore. I believe that the souk is the mirror of cultures, it tells a lot about the country, the people, the cultural values and many other social and cultural aspects in very little time.

Shiraz, I am fascinated by this world’s rich museum. Walking the streets of Shiraz marked the designer in me. Constructions telling a story about time; the succession of shapes, the poetry in patterns, colors, human circulation and echoes of their little voices animated the space, the enticing use of geometry reflecting the language of the universe are to me a spiritual nurturing and a creative stimulant. 

This is how my story with furniture design started, after my trip in 2014 I started sketching, blending craftsmen know how and technology to bring a contemporary piece to the world of design. It is a line of furniture that evolves fluidly and will travel far with the palette that I keep nourishing by many creative stimulants.  

Finally, to communicate with my line of furniture is to reflect a universal language, wishing that someday my contemporary design objects will become future classics.

Thank you for sharing the story with me.